What’s a favicon and do I need one?

A favicon is a small square icon that is displayed in the corner of the browser tab when someone is viewing your website. For example, here is the favicon on our own website:

names.co.uk favicon

You can see it is a smaller version of the logo. In this way the favicon helps to reinforce brand image and provides a clear visual marker that helps your visitors easily identify your website.

It will also be displayed in the list of bookmarks/favourites, further ensuring a consistent and identifiable brand image for your website.

Why do I need a favicon?

A favicon’s purpose is to help your customers identify your website by using an easily recognisable image that is associated with your business. It’s generally just a smaller version of your main logo and serves to reinforce your brand. It has no benefit in terms of search rankings – it is purely just a visual reference for website visitors.

How do I add a favicon in Website Builder?

Click on the Settings link from the left menu and then choose the top option of Site Icons.

Website Builder site icons widget

There is a Favicon section at the top of the page and clicking on the +Image icon will allow you to upload the one you wish to use.

Website Builder favicon widget

Website Builder will automatically adjust the size of the image you upload so that it becomes a small square, perfect for favicons. It’s generally best to use a smaller and less detailed version of your logo though, so that it still remains clear and legible when viewed in the smaller size.

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