Issues sending through Mac Mail

If you encounter issues sending through Mac Mail after adding your new exchange account please follow these steps to ensure your account is setup correctly.

– In Mac Mail select “Mail” and “Preferences”

– Select “Accounts” and chose your old demon account. (This can be recognised as the incoming and outgoing servers will be

– Click Account Information and select “Edit SMTP Server List”

– Remove the old demon smtp server by clicking on the minus (-) sign.

– Add a new SMTP server, by pressing the plus (+), with the following settings.

Description : office365
Server name :

– Select “Advanced”

Tick “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”
Port : “587” with SSL ticked
Authentication “Password”

Username : your email address
Password : As set for your new account.

Click “OK”

Exit the settings and Save.

This should now send your emails successfully through your new Office365 account.

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