Dedicated Server Elevation FAQ

Questions on CentOS7 Alma Linux 8 migration:

What are the supported PHP versions on new Alma Linux 8 server?

Alma Linux 8 with Plesk supports from PHP 7.2 up to 8.3+.

How long will the Elevate process take to complete?

The elevate process should take approximately 60-90 minutes from start to finish.

Will there be any downtime during the elevation process?

The elevation will require approximately 60-90 minutes of server downtime.

Which versions of MariaDB are supported in Alma Linux 8?

Plesk 18 and Alma Linux 8 support MariaDB version 10.4 – 10.11.

Will I need to do anything my side after the elevation completes?

Whilst we do check sites and services over once we have completed an elevation, we do suggest you also check your websites and emails are functioning as expected.

Does my server IP address change after elevation?

No. The IP address will remain the same throughout the process.

Do I need to backup the server before the elevation process starts?

We take a number of whole server backups using Acronis before the elevation starts to allow us to rollback if we need to.

What times are available for CentOS7 to Alma Linux 8 elevation process?

The times we have available are Mon to Thurs 6am until 4.30pm, or Mon to Thurs 7.00pm until 10.00pm. Any requests outside of these times would be chargeable at a pre-paid premium by arrangement.

Can I upgrade to a new server in place of elevation process?

Yes, You can take the option to upgrade to a new dedicated server, however the IP address will change and a data migration will need to be completed. The migration would be completed during the usual office hours Mon to Thurs 9am to 4.30pm. Please contact Dedicated Sales who can advise further on the cost and migration process.

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