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Anti Virus Protection Advanced Anti Virus & Spam Protection as standard

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Email on all devices with IMAP

p/m from
(ex 20% VAT)

  • 1.5GB Email Storage
  • 250 Email Addresses
  • 2 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 1 IMAP Accounts
  • Powerful WebMail
  • Anti Virus & Spam Protection
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Personalised Email Address

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Email to kick-start your business

p/m from
(ex 20% VAT)

  • 3.5GB Email Storage
  • 500 Email Addresses
  • 5 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 2 IMAP Accounts
  • Powerful WebMail
  • Anti Virus & Spam Protection
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Personalised Email Address


Email for your growing business

p/m from
(ex 20% VAT)

  • 7.5GB Email Storage
  • unlimited Email Addresses
  • 50 POP3 Mailboxes
  • 10 IMAP Accounts
  • Powerful WebMail
  • Anti Virus & Spam Protection
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Personalised Email Address
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Instant Email on All Your Devices

Access your email account on any device


Desktop or Laptop

Smartphone and tablet compatible


Smartphone or Tablet

Access your email anywhere in the world with WebMail!


WebMail - Anywhere Online

Always on the go? We understand you need instant access to email around the clock, so whether you're in the office, rushing to catch a train or relaxing on the sofa, you'll never be without email when you choose one of our plans.

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Email


Download your emails from our server to your device, using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. You can manage your inbox easily using your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device.

By default, your mailboxes are set to POP3 access, and your emails will be stored locally on your device.

what is POP3?

What is POP3?

Post Office Protocol is a standard protocol for receiving email. POP is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held for you by our Mail server. Periodically, you (or your client email receiver e.g. Outlook) check your mail-box on the server and download any email using POP3.

| help configuring POP3 accounts

By enabling IMAP on your mailbox, you will be able to synchronise email across all your devices and WebMail for a completely seamless email solution. Your emails will be stored securely on our servers so they are always accessible everywhere. Recommended!

Simply download your email using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, and then you can access and manage your email account from your office computer, mobile phone and any other device you choose to synchronise.

Lost your mobile or accidently dropped your laptop? IMAP gives you complete peace of mind that you won't lose your emails.

what is IMAP?

What is IMAP?

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a service that allows email messages stored on a remote server to be managed in much the same way as if they were stored on the user's local machine. Unlike POP3, which only allows access to a single inbox, IMAP allows the creation of additional folders, between which messages can be distributed for archiving. The folders will be synched across all your devices. Advanced features include the ability to search and sort messages within a folder and the ability to flag messages as "sent", "replied-to" etc.

| help configuring IMAP accounts

Our powerful WebMail tool enables you to log into your email account securely from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser!

You should enable IMAP on your mailbox to ensure management of your email account via WebMail is completely sychronised with the email client on your mobile phone and computer.

what is WebMail | already have WebMail? Log in here!


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Personalise Your Email Address

Make a great impression with a personalised email address

Meaningful & Memorable

Use your domain name to make your email address unique, meaningful, memorable and relevant to you. Don't settle for when you can have!

Want a business email address?

What could be more professional than Our email plans also come with multiple email addresses so you could also set up sales@, info@ or

Get a personalised email address with

Anti Virus & Spam Protection

Guard your inbox from unwanted spam

Scammers and spammers will try all sorts of ways to infiltrate your computer. Our Advanced Anti Virus & Spam Protection system will help guard your inbox from unwanted spam and your computer from malicious virus attacks.

It's flexible too, so you can set your preferred level of spam protection easily within your Online Control Panel. Anti Virus & Spam Protection is included as standard with all our email services.

Anti Virus and Spam Protection included as standard

FREE LiteMail with your Domain

with all new & transferred in domain names
1 Email Address
1 POP3 Mailbox
100MB Storage
Free WebMail

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Personal & Business Email Hosting email hosting is simple to set up and as there is no software to download, you'll be up and running in no time at all. When you set up email hosting, we'll provide you with access to a mailbox that sits on our servers, and then you can choose different ways to access your messages.

A mailbox, or email account, is just a designated place where your messages are sent to and we look after them on our secure servers. All email hosting solutions come with multiple mailboxes, giving you complete flexibility when you want to grow.

By default, your mailboxes are set up as POP3, but by enabling IMAP you can synchronise your email across all your devices and WebMail, giving you a completely seamless email solution.

Plus with our email hosting, you get a personalised email address and our Advanced Anti Virus & Spam Protection!

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