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Protect your inbox from unwanted junk mail, malicious viruses and other Internet threats.

Your inbox can be a way in for illegal spammers and scammers sending emails that are junk, or contain Internet viruses that can damage your computer. They will try a number of tricks to evade standard email verification, however the vast majority can be identified and blocked.

All our email services come with Advanced Anti Virus and Spam Protection to help keep your inbox safe.

Anti Virus and Spam Protection included as standard

Virus Protection

All incoming emails are scanned individually for suspicious content.
Disguised, encoded and compressed attachments are extracted in full and compared to a comprehensive database of known viruses.
Our virus 'definitions' database is updated every 2 hours ensuring maximum protection from new threats.
Removal of known scam emails such as the well publicised "419" scams and phishing emails.

Spam Protection

Emails are verified against a database of thousands of common spam emails and email addresses.
Additional algorithms are used to block almost all unsolicited mail.
Use of our own bespoke, state-of-the-art filtering technology.
Use of well-known filtering solutions such as Clam, SpamHaus and Spam Assassin.
Certain types of unwanted image spam is filtered out.
Highest level of spam protection available to all our customers.

Slide Your Spam Away

We've made our Spam filtering completely flexible, so you can decide how much junk email you want to receive!

Simply log into your Online Control Panel and set your spam preferences. Decide what you want to happen to email detected as spam, either put it in a separate folder or delete it. Plus, you can set the level of spam protection you require for each mailbox.

Setting your protection preferences is easy with our handy spam slider. Safeguard your inbox by simply sliding your spam away!

Slide your spam away with with handy feature!

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