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Get an online email account with a difference! WebMail is free with all our email services and gives you secure online access to your email account anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser!

But that's not all. WebMail lets you send and receive emails using your own personalised email address. Don't settle for, when you can make a great impression with!

WebMail - All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser!

Using WebMail

WebMail is FREE with all our email services, whether you have an email hosting plan with us, or free email with your domain name, web hosting, SiteMaker or Ecommerce package.

Simply log into WebMail and use its powerful interface to send and receive emails, manage your inbox and contacts, check your email storage quota and much more.

For a completely seamless way to manage your emails on your mobile phone, laptop and via WebMail, you should enable IMAP on your mailbox. This way, your emails will also be stored on our secure servers, ensuring they are accessible everywhere at all times.

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What's Great About WebMail?

Select WebMail4 when you log in and explore its enhanced features:

  • Enhanced security & improved Anti Virus & Spam Protection
  • User-friendly interface with right click menus & message preview pane
  • Quick loading emails & bulk email delete function
  • Drag & drop messages for simple email management
  • Shared address book & calendar tools
  • Advanced spell checker & auto-complete email addresses
  • Multilingual support & customisable email signatures
  • Clear email usage & quota display for easy inbox management
  • View vibrant HTML email content within your inbox

Powerful WebMail

Free with all our email hosting plans, domain name email accounts, web hosting, Ecommerce and SiteMaker packages.

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