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Shop Setup

Powerful tools to help you get started


Whether you're an established business or starting from scratch, setting up an online shop doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive.

From a handy setup assistant to fully customisable design templates, Ecommerce comes with a number of helpful tools to help you get started.

Set up an online shop with Ecommerce

Handy Setup Assistant

The Ecommerce Setup Assistant guides you through the initial process of creating your online shop.

1 Choose design and layout

Ecommerce includes 300+ customisable design templates and a variety of page and layout options. Templates are sorted by industry type to help you choose.

2 Add your business info

Add your website or shop name, logo, contact information, a short description of what you're selling for search engines, VAT and legal details.

3 Confirm your shop setup

Check you have entered everything correctly and confirm. Setup is complete! Now you are ready to start adding products to your online shop.

300+ Design Templates

Ecommerce includes over 300 shop design templates to use off-the-shelf, or customise to suit you.

The wide range of industry-related templates include automotive, clothing, electronics, gifts, hairstylists, hotels and dating agencies, and are a quick way to get a stylish and functional design that will fit your business needs.

You will also get a choice of typical page layouts for your shop, such as product and information pages, great if you are new to Ecommerce or if you just want a quick and easy way to build the internal structure of your shop.


Use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor with drag & drop capabilities to easily edit your shop layout and content. Insert website elements such as a shopping basket, login box or search field into your shop layout and drag into your preferred position.

The Point & Click, Drag & Drop functionality of Ecommerce helps you to continually experiment with colours, layouts, elements and content, and build an online shop that's tailored to your business requirements.

Everything is done through one simple interface and you can instantly see how your changes will appear online in the preview mode.

Fully Editable HTML Pages

If you have skills in design, you can use the freely designable HTML pages to create a completely unique area of your online shop.

Perhaps you have a specific design or online brochure that you wish to incorporate. Ecommerce lets you put your design expertise to good use and take customisation to the next level.

How To Manage Your Shop

Everything you need to manage your online shop can be done via your powerful Ecommerce Admin Panel.

From choosing templates to adding products, from setting discounts to sending out newsletters, the Admin Panel has everything covered in a single web interface. Learn More

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