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Opening an online shop doesn’t have to be expensive, or complicated. You don’t need any design or technical skills to use our powerful Ecommerce solution meaning anyone can start selling online, whether you're an established business, new to Ecommerce or a reseller looking to expand your product range.

From setting up and designing your shop to managing your products, orders and payments, everything is designed to work smoothly and efficiently for you.

Set up an online shop with Ecommerce

Handy Setup Assistant

Use the handy wizard to quickly and easily set up the basics of your Ecommerce shop.

1 Design and layout

Select your template and preferred colour scheme and then choose the most appropriate pages and layout options for your shop.

2 Business information

Give your shop a name, add your logo and some contact information, a brief description for search engines, VAT and legal details, and you’re nearly done.

3 Complete setup

Go through the information you’ve entered and check it’s correct and then confirm. Your shop setup is complete. Now you're ready to begin adding products!

Design Tools & Templates

300+ Design Templates

Whether you want something off-the-shelf or customised to your taste, the 300+ business design templates provide something for everyone. Categorised by industry, choose a stylish template that fits your business needs such as automotive, clothing, gifts, salons, hotels and many others.


The drag & drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor enables you to easily edit your content and layout through one simple web-based interface. It allows you to instantly see your changes as they would appear online.

Fully Editable HTML Pages

Know how to design a web page in HTML? You can create a totally exclusive page within your Ecommerce Store, perhaps for an online brochure or competition.

Powerful Admin Panel

Manage every aspect of your Ecommerce business with ease using the powerful Admin Panel.
Learn more about the new and improved Admin Panel in our video.

Manage and track orders, and stock availability.
Generate packing slips, invoices and credit notes.
Set delivery methods and pricing.
Enter your tax settings.
Set specific customer pricing and discounts.
Manage your customer database.
Create your shopping cart and set minimum order values.
Update your design, layout, content and contact information.
Integrate with a variety of marketplaces and social networks.
Access your free sales & marketing tools.

Products, Pages & Attributes

Adding products to your shop can be done manually or in bulk through your Ecommerce Admin Panel. The import/export function allows you to upload large amounts of data in one go, making the task more manageable (.csv).

Optimised Product Detail Page

Achieve higher conversions with the optimised product detail page. With a choice of optimal layouts, you can highlight specific product details whilst including all relevant product information within tabs. This keeps all 'decision-making' info readily available 'above the fold', improving user experience and increasing the number of products added to baskets.

Attributes & Variations

Ecommerce will show you the most effective way to organise your online catalogue if you have a lot of product variations and attributes, for example: Small, Medium and Large white t-shirts, black t-shirts and yellow t-shirts, long sleeved and short sleeved, with a round neck or V neck.

Categories / Pages

Products can be sorted into categories (or pages) and you can create promotional lines, ensuring your customers can easily navigate your shop. For example, T-shirts could be categorised into Men, Women or SALE. If you have a large product portfolio, we would recommend our Premium or Platinum Ecommerce Pack.

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