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We know email can be critical to any business, especially when ecommerce is involved. That's why we've developed our MailServer Protection & Backup services to support your business, when you need them most.

Our MX services work alongside your company mail server, Microsoft Exchange for example, and should it go offline for any reason, will ensure that your critical emails aren't lost.

MX-Standby will safely store your emails in a queue and as soon as it detects your server is back online, will initiate redelivery of your emails. MX-Protect gives you an added layer of protection with our managed Anti Virus & Spam filtering solution.

Make our MX Services part of your business, for complete peace of mind that your important emails are always taken care of.


MailServer backup and recovery service

(ex 20% VAT)

  • Your emails are queued on our secure servers when your mail server is offline
  • Emails will be redelivered as soon as your mail server is back online
  • Emails are stored for up to 4 weeks before being returned to sender if they can't be delivered
  • Peace of mind that no important business emails will be lost
  • Bespoke service created and deployed by
  • Expert UK based support 7 days a week


MX-Standby + Managed Anti Virus & Spam Filtering

(ex 20% VAT)

  • Complete MX-Standby Solution
  • Anti Virus Filtering protects your mail server from Trojans, viruses and other malicious attacks
  • Anti Spam Filtering protects your mail server from email spam, image spam and phishing scams
  • Intelligent, heuristic algorithms analyse and classify incoming email messages
  • Viruses are automatically deleted to protect your systems from infection
  • All email messages are scored, with higher scores flagged as spam
  • Identified spam can be forwarded, re-directed or deleted
  • User-defined email addresses can be added to black and white lists
  • Configure your filtering preferences at anytime via your Online Control Panel
  • Expert UK based support 7 days a week