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Google Webmaster Tools

Business Tips

How to test your business idea

Have a business idea? Want to know if it can work before investing a lot of money in it? Then watch our webinar presented by Mike Bandar, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Hopper, the new Instagram Scheduling tool.

Although Mike plays a pivotal role in many businesses, he still finds time to help start-up companies identify their goals and test their ideas. Tune into our webinar to hear Mike’s top tips and find out how to save yourself time and money before you launch your business.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify potential pitfalls early
  • Set up tests to see if your idea will work
  • Generate interest and push traffic to your business
  • Gain potential customers and valuable feedback
  • And much more
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Make Mobile apps in minutes


How to make a mobile app in minutes

The average smartphone user spends three hours and sixteen minutes a day on their mobile phone so it makes sense to connect with them via a mobile app.

In this webinar, our Digital Marketing Specialist, Rebecca Saxon will bring you up to speed with the mobile app industry, explain how an app can become a brand new sales channel for your business and show you just how easy it is to create your own app.

You will learn:

  • The top benefits to having a mobile app
  • How to make your app within minutes
  • Add content, maps, forms and videos
  • Boost sales with deals and a loyalty scheme
  • And much more
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Company Formation MadeSimple

Company Formation

Start your business in 45 minutes

Ready to start your own business but not sure how to do it?

We’ve teamed up with Company Formation MadeSimple, an established UK company formation agency, to take you through the key steps you’ll need to get started.

In just 45 minutes, our presenters, James Mapp, Customer Care at, and Zebedee Budworth, Company Formation Expert at Company Formation MadeSimple, will cover everything from choosing your company type to registering your company name and domain name.

You will learn how to:

  • The key considerations when naming a company
  • How to select your company type
  • The top 10 mistakes new businesses should avoid
  • How to register your company and choose the right domain name
  • How to set up a webpage - your new online business card
  • And much more
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WordPress Ecommerce

Set up shop on your WordPress website

Want to start selling your products on your WordPress website or blog? We’ll show you how in this step-by-step webinar.

Whether you want to sell shoes, stationary or digital books, it’s easy to get started using one of the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugins, WooCommerce.

Our UI Designer & Frontend Developer, Ben Bishop, will take you through the process and show you how quickly you can start selling in just a few simple steps.

You will learn how to:

  • Add the WooCommerce plugin to your site
  • Sell digital and physical products in your store
  • Add VAT, delivery & postage
  • Set up payment processes e.g. PayPal
  • Monitor your sales
  • And much more

Please note: For the purposes of this webinar we have selected the plugin WooCommerce to be used as an example ecommerce plugin but we are not affiliated with the product in any way and do not, as such, endorse it.

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SiteMaker Special

Set up your shop for Christmas

With the Christmas countdown already on now is the perfect time to get your shop set up before the festive season is in full swing.

Our presenter, Matt Burleton, Lead Designer from Long Story Short, works with SiteMaker every day. In this webinar, Matt will show you step by step, how to set up your shop quickly so you can start selling in no time at all.

You will learn how to:

  • Create an attractive shop
  • Add products and prices
  • Create sale items or bundles
  • Promote your products throughout your site
  • And much more
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How to make a WordPress website or blog

Want to join millions of people using the world’s most popular blogging tool, WordPress? We can show you how!

WordPress is an easy-to-use, online tool that gives you freedom to manage your own content and style on your website or blog. You don’t need any technical skills; simply follow our step-by-step tutorial with specialists Ben Bishop and Matt Cooper as they show you how to get your site or blog online.

You will learn how to:

  • Add WordPress to your hosting package
  • Set up your website or blog
  • Add content, images and videos
  • Customise design themes including the new 2014 theme
  • Manage and respond to comments
  • Install plugins
  • And much more
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Google Webmaster Tools

Beginners SEO

A guide to Google Optimisation

So, you’ve set up a brand new website, what’s next? Once your website is live and you are happy with it, it’s time to start thinking about your business’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Many new businesses forget about SEO or just don’t know a website needs to be optimised in order to become “search engine friendly”. There are many SEO tactics that can help to improve your site’s visibility online and Vilayte Essa, Managing Director of SearchQuest Digital Marketing Agency, is here to share his most valuable tips and tricks to get you started.

You will learn:

  • What Google looks for in a website
  • What keywords are
  • How to identify the right keywords for your business
  • Which areas to optimise
  • What Sitemaps are
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • And much more!
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Set Up Your Ecommerce Shop in 60 Minutes

Want to set up shop and start selling online? Now is the perfect time! In this webinar, our Ecommerce expert, André Podeyn, will help you get your shop set up in just 60 minutes!

André will show you, step by step, how to create an attractive and powerful online shop and start selling online straight away.

You will learn how to:

  • Choose the correct design template and layout
  • Upload your logo and company information
  • Adjust to your company colour scheme
  • Create a product and product category
  • Sell your products online
  • And much more!
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Improve Your Business in 45 Minutes

Want to know how to attract more visitors, boost sales and improve your business? If so, you need to monitor your traffic and their habits to gain insight. Our presenter Doug Lawrence, Export Communications Consultant at UK Trade & Investment, is here to show you how.

Doug will teach you how to set up your Google Account, Analytics and Webmaster Tools to start measuring your traffic today. The beauty of being online is that your visitors can be local or international, so Doug will also show you how to make your website more attractive to visitors from all over the world.

You will learn how to:

  • What Google Analytics is and why you need it
  • How to set up your account & start monitoring
  • Best ways to use Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to link your Google Accounts
  • Finding International visitors
  • And much more...
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Kelly Salter

New gTLDs Programme

New Domains – New Business Opportunities

You may have heard us talking about the new gTLD programme - it’s about to transform the online landscape with the release of thousands of new domain extensions. In this special broadcast our domain name experts Kelly Salter and Ian Beaumont guide you through the changes and explain how to take advantage of the biggest transformation the Internet has ever seen!

You will learn how to:

  • What’s changing in the domain world
  • How it’s going to affect you and your business
  • Why we need more domain names
  • Which ones are right for you
  • And much more…
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Website Builder SiteMaker

Build A Website In Less Than 1 Hour

Over 50% of customers we surveyed believed they didn’t have the time, knowledge or money to build a website themselves. We’re here to tell you it is possible!

Our FREE Build A Website Webinar will show you how to build a professional website yourself in under 1 hour, and for around £5 a month – no technical skills needed!

You will learn how to:

  • Tips and tricks from real designers
  • How to set up and launch a SiteMaker website
  • How to choose the right template
  • Upload & arrange content and images
  • Add Google Maps & social buttons
  • And much more…
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Matt Burleton

SiteMaker Advanced

Set Up Shop & Go Mobile

Want to learn how to set up an online shop? We're here to show you how! In the time it takes to deliver this FREE Webinar, our presenter Matt Burleton, Creative Director at Long Story Short Design, will take you step by step through setting up a shop.

Matt will also show you how to make your website accessible to mobile customers and make even more enhancements to your site. Plus you'll get access to insider tips and tricks! Matt and Long Story Short Design can show you how to get the most from your website and will be on hand to answer your questions at the end!

You will learn how to:

  • Build a contact form
  • Set up your online shop
  • Make your website mobile
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • And much more…
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Build Reviews & Trust

How To Build Trust To Convert Visitors Into Sales

Want to learn how to establish on-site trust and increase conversions? If so, come and join our FREE webinar with industry experts Kevin Dixie and Brendon Johnson from Kevin and Brendon will teach you how their product has helped to ensure websites get more visitors and ultimately more sales!

You will learn how to:

  • How to grow trust with new visitors
  • How to convert traffic into sales
  • Why reviews are so important
  • How to get your products reviewed
  • How to start a social buzz around your product
  • And much more…
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Get Selling on Facebook in under 60 Minutes!

Did you know there are 699 MILLION people actively using Facebook every day? With an audience that size, it’s easy to understand why over 1 MILLION advertisers use it as a platform to market their products - now you can too!

In our FREE Webinar, you’ll learn why Facebook is crucial to your marketing strategy and how to make it work for your business.

You will learn how to:

  • How to set up a Facebook Marketing campaign from scratch and seamlessly integrate it into your strategy
  • Why Facebook is the new "Google"
  • How to build a Facebook fan base for FREE
  • How to manage your page in just 30 minutes a week
  • How to successfully advertise on a tight budget
  • And much more!
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Claire Jarrett

Google AdWords

How To Use Google AdWords To Generate Red Hot Leads!

Do you want to drive highly targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions? If so, join our FREE Webinar on Google AdWords with the world’s top ranked Google AdWords expert Claire Jarrett. Learn what Google’s pay-per-click tool could do for your business.

You will learn:

  • The 5 massive mistakes made in AdWords accounts
  • Find out where you’re leaking cash and fix it
  • The 1 Weekly 'MUST DO’ to stop leaking cash
  • 4 Weird Little Tips on how to create great adverts
  • How to set up an AdWords account that generates leads 24x7!
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