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Please note that if you have purchased your Sitemaker package after the 4th June 2013 you will be using our new version of Sitemaker.

The new version creates a website in HTML5 rather than flash, making our Sitemaker website viewable on many popular phones and tablet devices.

Because of this some of the Support Centre articles may not apply to your Sitemaker configuration. To make it easier we have appended all relevant articles with HTML5 to make it easier for you to find your desired guide.

Adding the HTML Snippet widget to your site is very easy. Go the page you wish to add it to and then use the following steps:

  1. Click on Insert (toolbar) -> HTML Snippet (sidebar)

  2. Position the widget (you can always move it later)

  3. Click on the Setup tab

  4. If you have a snippet of code already, simply paste the HTML code into the blank field (or come back once you have copied it to your clipboard from your chosen widgets site)

  5. Click Apply

  6. If dimensions are supplied within the code the widget will ask you if you want to resize using the given dimensions - click: Yes

  7. Save the page

Some popular Widgets are listed below to give you some ideas:

Image Tools

  • Pictobrowser - integrates with Flickr and Picasa

  • CoolIris - which has beautiful effects and also integrates nicely with Facebook

  • Issu - good for all sorts of publishing (but do checkout the Visual Inspiration section)

  • Photo Snack - Slideshow allowing Flickr, FB, Picas and Instagram integeration

Ecommerce tools:




Booking Calendar:



These are just some of the sources for great snippets that will open up your website through the Snippet Widget.

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