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The information below is for customers who have received our communications regarding the withdrawal of the sub-domain of and the process to replace your email address with a new domain name.

Our operations team will carry out the following steps, ensuring continuity of your email service throughout the whole migration process, at no point should you lose access to your Demon email service and you will start to receive emails to both your email addresses.

What is the process of the email migration to my new domain name?

We will perform the following work:

Stage 1
We will setup your new domain name within your email control panel, this will link to your demon address, at this point we are just letting you know our team is setting up your new email address, when you receive our Stage 2 communications which can take around 48hours we will confirm you are ready to receive emails to the new email address as well as your old email address.

- Emails to your Demon address will continue to arrive as normal.

- Your existing emails / folders will remain in place.

- Your Address book will remain in place.

- You do not need to change any settings just yet.

Stage 2
Within 48 hours of receiving our Stage 1 communication, we will let you know your new email username and a final switch-over date.

Emails are continuing to deliver as normal and no changes are required to your settings just yet. You will be receiving emails to both your Demon email address and your new email address within the same mailbox you have setup.

- Emails to your new address will arrive into your current demon mailbox, you do not need to have two email accounts setup running side by side.

- We will provide you a new username, please make a note of this in preparation for stage 3.

- No settings must be changed in your mail application at this stage.

Stage 3 - Final Communications
We are preparing the final switch-over your primary email address within your Office365 control panel, and we will confirm a date when you need to update your settings.

We will have also provided your new username and instructions on how to update the username within Stage 2 and Stage 3 communications.

Your package and future billings will also reflect the new domain name as we complete the changeover.

Note: You will still receive emails to your Demon address along side your new address, but a change to your email setting will be required on the given date to allow access to the mailbox.

What will happen on my final given switch-over date provided?

- When you open your email application you may be presented with the "Enter Your Username" or "Enter your Password", CANCEL this box and follow our instructions provided here:

Your username has been emailed you in both Stage 2 and Stage 3 Communications.

- Do not apply any password - some customers unfortunately put an incorrect password in and this will then require a password reset by support.

- The only changes you need to make to your email settings are replacing the old Demon Email address and username with your new given email address and username.

Do I need to purchase a new email package?
No, our migration process involves replacing your existing Office 365 Essentials package to your newly registered domain name, our operations team will take care of this. You do not need to purchase another email package as part of the migration. Your existing Office365 Essentials will run until its current expiry date.

Can i keep my historical emails?
Yes, the process does not involve moving or losing any emails, you will keep your current emails / folders / contacts.

Will I receive a new email password?
No, your original demon email password will remain the same, do not change your email password in your settings.

I have a number of email aliases setup will you create these for me?
Yes, our operations will will ensure any additional aliases are recreated for your new email address.

What will happen to the delivery of emails to your Demon email address after the final disconnect date currently scheduled for 14th June 2020?
All emails will go undelivered as such it's important you act upon our email as soon as possible and you notify all important contacts, and also take the time to notify any company who contact you by email of your new email address.

Can I still forward emails from my Demon email address after the current disconnect date currently scheduled for 14th June 2020?
No, unfortunately the will be subject to a total disconnect of the DNS routing records so emails cannot be forwarded on after this date. For example if you would like to forward emails on from to this would not work.

However you can still forward historical emails from within your inbox to another email address.

What are the renewal costs?
You will continue to renew your Exchange Online Essentials package as normal, the billing date will not be affected. We will replace the service name to your newly registered domain name however so future invoices will reflect the change.

If you opt for the following domain names, then the first year is free and the following renewal costs will apply.

One Year Renewal Costs:
.UK £13.99 ex VAT
.CO.UK £14.99 ex VAT
.COM £21.99 ex VAT

Can I use another domain name I already have registered in my account?
Yes certainly, as long as you are not actively using this for email already.

I would like to use another domain registered with another company?
We can still migrate the service over, however we will need to you to move the Nameservers to us so we can take control and verify ownership, please contact technical support for further guidance, if the domain is already using email then we cannot move the service over unfortunately.

I would like to take up the offer of the free - what is the process
We will have provided the free domain alternative within our first communications, you will be leasing the subdomain name part rather then owning the domain registration but there will not be a yearly renewal cost for the sub-domain, however Namesco own NDONET.COM unlike which is owned by Vodafone.

I have a website running under my Demon sub-domain, what is the process?
Once our operations team receive your new domain name, we will schedule a migration of the website to your new domain name. This will happen before 29th May 2020 and we will notify you when the work has been carried out.

- Your FTP settings will not change.
- We will seamlessly link the domain name to your hosting space.
- We will make the required DNS changes of your new domain name to point to your hosting space
- We will perform a final package switch so future billings reflect your new domain name.

I wish to continue the Demon email address, what options do I have?
As Vodafone legally own the domain name they have taken the decision to no longer allow the Demon sub-domain to be used for email services. We are extremely sorry we unable to continue the Demon sub-domain email service for our customers and we have put together the best solution and process available given the scenario, our technical support team are on hand every step of the way to help you move over to your new email address.

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