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Setting up an Autoresponder or Vacation message in WebMail



Setting up an Autoresponders

- You can set up a vacation message in WebMail, this feature of WebMail is ideal if you want your Email contacts to know that it may be a while before you read or respond to them or if you just simply want everyone that Emails you know you have received their Email.

- To set up your automated response email, select 'Settings' from the top right hand corner of WebMail.

- From the 'Settings' column on the far left hand side, select Vacation.

- In the body of the web page you can set the Subject (if left as is the response email will contain the same subject line as the email which was sent to you) the email body (which again, can be updated by you but which contains some key code for WebMail to inherit values from the email sent to you and respond using those same values, but will not work if removed), the Vacation start (the date you want these messages to begin to send) and the Vacation end (the date you would like these emails to stop sending).

- When you're happy you have completed setting up your autoresponder, press 'Save'.

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