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What's the difference between FreeSite and CloudSite?



FreeSite is provided for free with all domains registered through and comes with five templates which you can use to start building your website.

CloudSite and FreeSite use the same editing software, but the main difference is the resources you get.

Freesite is a free package you get when you buy a domain, and it enables you to build a one page website, choosing from one of five templates, and you can add up to 100Mb of content.

To activate FreeSite on one of your domains simply follow the link below.

How to activate FreeSite

CloudSite is an upgrade to FreeSite and provides many more templates to choose from, it supports unlimited pages, unlimited storage space, and comes with the ability to create 25 email accounts on your domain.

To upgrade to CloudSite simply follow the link below.

How to upgrade your CloudSite

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