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Admin password problem with a new installation of Joomla3 via Softaculous



There is a known issue with the current copy of Joomla when installed using our 1-Click Installs, where the password you created for the admin section will not work.

This is a Softaculous bug, and there is a 1-time only fix installed in the same directory as Joomla.

Step 1: Generate your password hash

In your web browser, go to the URL you installed Joomla to, and add the following to the end of the URL:


This will run a one-time use script that will output your password hash on-screen.

It's important that make a copy of the hashed password immediately, as the script that generates it will automatically delete itself once it run

Step 2: Resetting your password

You will need your database details to update your password. These can be found in the file configuration.php in your Joomla directory.

FTP to your website (or use the File Manager in the Control Panel), navigate to the folder you installed Joomla, and download configuration.php

You need the details from the following section:

public $host = '<database server name>';  
public $user = '<your database username>';  
public $password = '<your database password>';  
public $db = '<database name>';  
public $dbprefix = '<the table prefix joomla is using>';

Next, you need to log into PHPMyAdmin. Go to and log into your database using your Joomla database details.

Select the table [tablePrefix]_users, and edit the admin user.

Update the existing password with the password hash that you saved from Step 1, and save the change.

You should now be able to log into the Joomla admin section correctly

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