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Getting started with Authenticated SMTP (Setting your SMTP password)



Before we get started setting up your Authenticated SMTP service, please ensure you have logged into your Online Control Panel. If you need help logging in please follow this guide on How to access the Online Control Panel.

Now that you are logged into your Online Control Panel please navigate to the left hand column and select Domain Names.

On the next page select your domain from the middle.

This will take you to a page containing information about your domain and any packages you have associated with it. On the left hand side select the option Email Settings or Email & FTP.

Staying on the left hand side, a little further down, there is the option Authenticated SMTP please click on this.

On the next page you will see your new SMTP host name, your new SMTP username, and a reset password option.

In order to start using your Authenticated SMTP service you will need to create a new password. Enter the password you want to use and click Save.

The final step is to enter your new SMTP settings into your email client program

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