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MX Standby mail relay service



What does the service do?

If your main mail server is down for any reason, then e-mail will be automatically routed to our backup mail system. For example, if you have a Microsoft Exchange server in your office which collects your e-mail and it is not always connected to Internet. When it is not connected, your e-mails will be stored on our system. As soon as you reconnect, your system can request that we flush our queue which will cause all your stored e-mail to be delivered. You can also use this with, for example, a dedicated server. In the unfortunate event of your server crashing, your e-mail would be stored with us and then automatically pushed to your server when it comes back up.

What do I require to use the service?

Once you have purchased the service from us, you will need to update your MX records. You will need to add our two mail relay servers as backup MX records for your domain, as in the following example: MX 30 MX 50 MX 50

How long will the servers queue my e-mail?

The system will queue your messages for up to 28 days.

How often do the servers attempt to deliver the e-mail?

Every 30 minutes for the first two hours, then every 4 hours for the next 28 days. You can force delivery at any time using an ETRN.

How do I force the servers to deliver any queued messages?

You can do this using an ETRN command. Most mail servers can be configured to automatically do this. The format we use is:

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