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PHP is a programming language used by a large number of the world's websites. New versions of this are regularly released and provides customers with the ability to upgrade their own website whenever they like.

Realising the importance to developers in hosting websites with the latest version of PHP, was the first UK based hosting company to implement PHP 7 and this guide explains how to perform that upgrade.

Upgrading your websites version of PHP

Note: Before performing the PHP upgrade, we recommend checking to be certain that your websites code is compatible with the newer version. More information about important changes with PHP 5.6 can be seen at

The first step is to log into your Online Control Panel.

Click on Domain Names from the left hand menu.

Click on PHP Version from the left hand menu.

You will then see four panes in the centre of the screen. The first will repeat the advice provided earlier in this article, by recommending that you ensure your websites code is compatible with the newer version before performing the upgrade.

The second of the three panes will display the current PHP version your website is using. Note that the possibility for incompatible code is greater if your current version is several releases out of date. For example, upgrading from PHP 5.2 carries more risk than upgrading from PHP 5.3

The next pane displays the latest version of PHP that we make available and provides you with the ability to upgrade to this version.

The final pane displays the downgrade options to older versions of PHP that we make available and provides you with the ability to downgrade to this version.

Select the version of PHP you want to change to then click on Update to begin the process of upgrading your website hosting to the latest version of PHP.

Note: the upgrade process could take up to 15 minutes to fully complete and you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address once it has completed.

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