This is your last chance to keep your email address

It is important you specify your current Demon domain and use your current Demon email address during the sign up process

* You must have office essentials or exchange essentials to continue using your email address *

Sign up & Activation

Step 1:
Choose Package

Choose the new package that's right for you and make sure you create your account using your current domain name and email address with Vodafone (e.g.

You can choose up to 10 individual users online, but call us if you need more. Remember, each user will be able to create unlimited email addresses.

Step 2:
Validate Domain

As you are using a domain previously managed by Vodafone, we need to validate access.

After sign up, we will send a link to the email address you signed up with and all you need to do is click this link to validate ownership.

Step 3:
Supported Setup

You will need to create new users in your new package, but we'll do the rest.

If your domain is managed by Vodafone (all domains are) we will liaise with them to make the relevant updates to Domain Name Servers and advise you when your old email will stop working and when the new email will begin.

Office 365

Email On The Run

Benefit from shared email and calendars stored in the Microsoft Cloud, meaning you can access from anywhere.

File Share, Collaborate & Store

Access, edit/share your Office documents on different devices and control who you can collaborate with in real time.

Office Applications Anywhere

Get apps Online, on your Desktop, and now on your Mobile and iPad.

Video Conferencing & IM

With Skype for Business you can work as if you were face to face. HD video conferencing, instant messaging and screen sharing will help improve your communication.

Terms and Conditions: Standard terms & conditions apply.