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Stay safe online with these 5 top tips

“I only share my personal details on websites I trust.” – Sound like you? Can you tell if a site is trustworthy? Online shopping is so quick and convenient, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular – you simply… Continue Reading →

The importance of website backups

There are lots of things you can do to keep your website safe and protected, but one of the most important is backing up your website. What is a website backup? Important files and documents on our personal or work… Continue Reading →

What can you do to protect your domains?

You have your domains; your website and emails are running perfectly – amazing! All you need to do is keep them up and running, but sometimes, renewal notifications can slip through the net. We’re looking into your options, so you… Continue Reading →

Brexit – what lies ahead for .eu domains?

With uncertainty looming over Brexit, many things remain undecided, however the European Commission and EURid (the .eu registry) have announced that there will be changes for .eu domains. At this point we cannot tell you exactly what this means as… Continue Reading →

Protect and defend your website in 2019

Is there anything more worrying than the thought of seeing all your work completely wiped out by a vicious hacker? You’ve worked hard on your website, so it’s important to take the time to protect it. You may question why… Continue Reading →

Five authoring tips for a compelling business blog

Many people assume that writing a business blog is a relatively simple affair. There are, however, some basic guidelines that will make all the difference and will help you get noticed. Here are five tips for your business blog. Advertising… Continue Reading →

Why is a shareholder agreement important for your startup?

So, you’ve thought about starting up your own business for a long time and you are finally making that dream a reality. Drawing up a shareholder agreement may not be your number one priority when you sit down with your… Continue Reading →

Build customer trust by using a professional, business email address

Every interaction with your customer leaves an impression. Whether you answer your phone with an ‘Alright mate’ or ‘A.B.C Car Repairs, Danny speaking, how can I help?’ your customer has subconsciously made assumptions about you and your business. This impression… Continue Reading →

How to avoid your WordPress website being hacked

WordPress is used by 59.5% of all websites with a known CMS – says W3Techs [1]. Out of 34,371 infected websites, 83% of them were running WordPress – says Sucuri [2] The two statistics do make for uncomfortable reading. Does… Continue Reading →