Welcome to names.co.uk

As previously notified, we have upgraded all Amen accounts by moving them from the existing Amen platform to a more reliable and up-to-date solution on our names.co.uk platform.

Amen become names.co.uk

It is important that you now manage any services via your names.co.uk account.

If you believe you have domain name(s) and/or associated services on the Amen platform please contact names.co.uk IMMEDIATELY on 0345 363 3634.

Whilst we have endeavoured to migrate all services with minimal impact. We are aware that some customers will require additional support and we are here to help. If you have any questions concerning the migration or require assistance, please contact names.co.uk on 0345 363 3634.

You can also contact us by raising a support ticket via your new names.co.uk Online Control Panel.
For faster response, please set Department to "Support" and type "Amen" in the Brief Description field.

How to log into your names.co.uk Online Control Panel

Go to https://admin.names.co.uk/login.php,
click "Forgotten password" link and enter the email address used at Amenworld

Amen and names.co.uk have both been part of the Dada Pro Group since 2008 and 2007 respectively. DADA is one of the leading companies in Europe in the Domain & Hosting business, positioning itself among the top players in the markets in which it operates.

Introducing names.co.uk

At names.co.uk, you’ll have direct access to a friendly and experienced UK based support team, a simple and user friendly Online Control Panel to manage your domain names plus the ability to do a lot more with your domain by adding names.co.uk products.

You'll find:

  • Domain Names
    Over 250 extensions available
  • Web Hosting
    Get your website online today
  • Email Hosting
    Get a personalised email address
  • SiteMaker Website Builder
    Create your website
  • Virtual and Dedicated Servers
    24/7 UK Support


What is happening to Amenworld?
Amenworld was acquired by the Register Group in 2008. As a stand alone company, the Amenworld customers could not benefit from all of the advancements in technology, services and new products that we have introduced for our names.co.uk customers. By moving all Amenworld customers to our main platform we can ensure you have access to all of the latest products, services and support.
What happens if I choose not to move from Amenworld?
If you have any services on the Amen platform (including, but not limited to domain name(s), web hosting and email hosting) these services will no longer function.
What do I have to do to move my domain names?
It is not possible for us to transfer all domain name(s) on your behalf, some transfer rules specify that the legal registrant must authorise the transfer. All customers that need to complete the transfer of their domain name have been contacted. We have sent the authorisation codes to transfer the domain name(s) to the registrant email address. You must transfer your domain names to names.co.uk or to another company which operates in the domain hosting/management sector. If you need assistance please contact us immediately on 0345 363 3633.
What happens if I don't do anything?
Your domain name(s) will not be able to be renewed and will expire allowing it to be registered by a third party. Should you not move your domain name, it is at risk.
Do I have to pay?
All Amen customers have been offered a free transfer of their domain name from Amen to names.co.uk, please contact us immediately should you require a voucher code or need us to assist you moving your domain name(s) and/or associated services.