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Restricting access to the Online Control Panel



As customer security is paramount, we have now increased the level of security for our customer accounts. By default you will now only be allowed to login to your Online Control Panel from the country in which your billing address is located and a handful of other popular countries.

From time to time our customers may have the need to access their accounts from overseas, so we have now created a new online tool that will allow you to grant access to your Online Control Panel from a specific country or foreign IP address.

- To begin, login to your Online Control Panel and select Account Settings

- Select Security Settings

- In the centre section of your screen you can now grant access to a specific country or IP Address

- To grant access to a specific country, select the appropriate one from the drop-down menu and click ADD. If you wish to add multiple countries, simply repeat the process.

- If you wish to grant access to a specific IP address then enter the IP into the IP addresses field and click ADD.

- To add a range of IP addresses simply enter your first and last IP address separated by a dash '-'.

eg -

Once you have added countries or IP addresses, you can remove them at a later date if needed by clicking the Delete link next to each one.

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