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Creating an Email Address



- Firstly login to your Online Control Panel at

- Great! Now that we are logged in, click on Domain Names found in the left menu.

- In the middle of the screen there will be a list of your domains, please click on your domain name.

- Back on the left select the option Email & FTP or Email Settings

Users and Email Rules

- On this page select the option Add Email Address

Add Email Address

- In the Email Address field enter the email address you would like to create

- In the Destination(s) select the mailbox you wish to assign your email address to

- The Forwarding address field only applies if you would like any emails sent to your email addresses forwarded on to another email address.

- A Blackhole will delete any emails that are send to this email address, so leave this option at No

- Finally click save at the bottom of the page

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