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For me, the joy of using SiteMaker is its simplicity. We do all of our web design in house and that means that it has to be quick and easy to layout the pages and images, without having to pay a web designer when all we want to do is move a picture from here to there. Being able to create scrolling banners with customised titles such as "This months featured artist" or "We've been given an award" has been very useful for creating the feel of a constantly changing site, but with very little effort. This has definitely had a positive effect on our Google listing as ever changing new content is one of the criteria they use for determining the rankings.

As our business is all about showing off the glass we make and promoting other artists that we represent, the slide show tools have been used a lot to create online portfolios. This is very useful when we've got hundreds of images to upload.

We'll definitely be using SiteMaker for a while and I can't think of any reason why we would need to change. One last great advantage is that you don't even need to be on your home computer to use it. You can log in and make changes from your office or even on holiday. Yes we've done that. Sad but true.

You can tell when a system is working well when you don't have to check up on it. We have been using Namesco for many years now. They provide our broadband and hosting for our websites. I can't even remember the last time I had to contact them regarding any issue whatsoever, and I think that's what everyone wants from a service provider. No singing, no dancing, just working away perfectly in the background doing all the complicated things that we don't want to.

Gary McMilan

In June we revamped our site (total remake/makeover!) purely based on our experience in our first year using the SiteMaker software. We were able to utilise it to further enhance our customers'/supporters' experience on our site and as a result, once the 'new' site went live, we received more hits in the first 6 weeks than we did in the previous year.

The SiteMaker software enables a fully customisable website even when using a pre-made template! It is simpler than Microsoft Word to use and whenever we make changes they are instantly uploaded, which just makes our life easier and maintains a fully updated website.

In the past your tech department have always provided excellent service and prompt response from our queries/issues, from the difficult, to some of our more trivial requests! We really can't fault you, your service or support. The website is our primary source of awareness in all that we do, so it is tremendous value for money and an invaluable tool.

I am always championing your services and the SiteMaker software and do not hesitate in recommending Namesco to friends, family and associates.

Thank you for a fantastic service, long may it continue.

Wayne Burfitt

I started building the website just over a year ago when MyOrigin was first created. We were then and still are a small start-up business but have big ideas. Namesco's SiteMaker offered us everything we needed at the time we started.It was affordable and very straight forward to piece together, providing you have a little imagination and have an idea of what visual end product you want to achieve.

The main basics behind myorigins website had been laid within two days of me working on it, which shows you how quick you can have a general style. Over time and after a lot of thinking about our image we have a website we are proud to showcase, although I'll be the first to say it's not complete and we still have a lot of ideas to add and take away.

In terms of how SiteMaker suits us, we get everything we need to show people who we are as a small clothing label. Most importantly of all I would like to believe we offer a good customer experience on our site which perhaps can separate us from others? It important to have a hook and from the start the video and music should make people curious and excited prompting them to look further. Our visual pages and the link to our Facebook page is key as we want the people buying our shirts to send us back their photos of them wearing them, wherever they are in the world.

My overall experience with Namesco has been excellent. I get what I need with no real issues. Using Namesco's SiteMaker is like riding a bike, some at first may find it easier to use than others but once you get your hands on it, it becomes natural to you.

Robert Forrest

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