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Increase Sales

Attract and engage customers with a mix of tools


Being successful online is not just about attracting lots of customers, it’s also about engaging and retaining them and that’s why effective marketing is vital. Building up a loyal customer base can increase repeat orders and recommendations by word of mouth.

From newsletters to cross-selling, from RSS feeds to videos, all our Ecommerce packs come with a range of Advanced Marketing Tools to help you build and manage relationships with your customers

Increase your sales with a variety of tools

Google AdWords™

Promote your Ecommerce Shop online for a fraction of the cost of more traditional offline advertising, with Google AdWords™.

Set yourself a budget, create a list of keywords and a set of adverts for your products or your brand, and gain instant visibility for your shop through Google's sponsored search listings. You only pay Google when a user clicks on your advert, taking them through to your online shop.

Top Tip: set the landing page URL in your advert to the exact URL of the product page you are advertising, making sure you get visitors directly to the product they were searching for.

Promotions & Discounts

Keep your customers interested with promotional offers and discounts, plus use voucher codes in your website or within your email newsletters. You can also bundle products for example, buy a tent and get an airbed half price. Within your Admin Panel you can set the parameters for the offer including the time frame, criteria and how the saving will be displayed, money off or %.

Product Bundles

Increase value for money by bundling your related products together i.e. get an airbed with any tent.

Discount Voucher Codes

Show voucher codes in your online shop or in your newsletters i.e. use voucher code FY12 for 10% off.

Promotional Product Boxes

Highlight specific products in promotional boxes and add extra images, drawing attention to your best deals.

Show Savings

Show customers just how great your deals are! This feature enables you to show the savings on your products in a percentage or monetary amount.

Payment & Price Discounts

You set the parameters for the offer such as the time frame, the criteria and whether you want to show a cash or percentage saving.

New Limited Time Products

Now you can set your products up to be sold for a limited time only - a great feature when you have a sale on or want to sell an item during a particular season.

Content Slider

Showcase your products, special offers and campaigns more prominently with the content slider feature. Each slider image can be linked to a sub-page in your shop, so first catch your customer’s eye with a stunning image or offer, and then take them directly to the right place to take action. The slideshow will dynamically fit to the correct size and layout for your site.

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Cross Selling, Comparisons & Ratings

You can use cross-selling to encourage customers to increase their basket size without much effort. Show them what they might also like or what other customers purchased, depending on the specific items they are viewing. Choose manual cross-selling to show customers related items or automatic cross-selling to show customers who bought X also bought Y and Z.

Manual Cross Selling

If a customer looks at a specific product, you can choose a related item to show them - 'you might like this'

Product Comparison

Allow customers to compare some of your products side-by-side, helping them to see which ones have all the features they need, narrowing down their choices.

Automatic Cross Selling

Automatically show that 'customers who bought X also bought Y and Z', inspiring further purchases.

eKomi Shop Rating

Real customer feedback can help others to make a purchase decision. If a product is rated highly by someone who has bought it, others will more likely trust in it too.

Online Marketing


Emailing your visitors with your latest news, products and prices is a great way to keep in touch with them. The advanced newsletter tool, complete with ready-made templates, allows you to create attractive email newsletters.

You can expand your marketing base by adding the ‘subscribe to newsletter’ form on your website. What’s more, you can send your newsletters on a schedule, keeping them manageable and timely.


Encourage customers to interact with you and each other by adding a forum to your shop. Forums are great for information sharing and finding out answers, you many even find that some helpful customers will answer questions for you.Create a lively, responsive community and perhaps even a vital customer support tool.


Blogging about your products and industry can increase customer confidence and add personality to your online shop.

Add a blog to your site and share any expansion plans, your latest promotion, write ‘did you know’ product articles and comment on industry news, positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

RSS Feeds

Having up-to-date fresh content on your site can greatly improve your search engine rankings and adding an RSS feed can help you achieve this.

An RSS feed will push content from other websites into pages within yours, for example, you could have relevant product or industry news constantly updating on your site.

Social Networking

Share & Like Buttons

Add Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing buttons to your online shop enabling visitors to promote your business for you. People using social networks and bookmarking sites can view and share recommendations about your shop and products, helping you to build a loyal customer base and increase sales.


Let your customers do your marketing for you by enabling them to send an email about your product to a friend...or ten! A "Hi Mum, this is the Jacket I was telling you about, follow this link..." email can be very powerful.

Customisable Buttons

This feature allows you to customise ‘Call To Action’ buttons in your shop to guide your customers through your site quickly and seamlessly.

Buttons such as ‘Add to basket’ can have an effect on conversions so by playing around with the style, size, colour or wording, you can find the right combination of button characteristics that works for your shoppers.

Marketplace Selling: How It Works

Established marketplaces such as and eBay already have the infrastructure in place to attract millions of visitors. What better way to gain exposure for your products and boost your sales than to tap into these lucrative resources?

Using a multi-channel online sales approach, you can increase your customer base at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline marketing, and you can fully measure your return on investment using the inclusive Google Analytics™ tool.

Integration is simple and there are help guides and information within your Ecommerce Admin Panel.

Each Marketplace requires a product feed from your website, which can be sent manually or automatically, allowing the information and images for your products to appear alongside their core products and search results.

Benefits of Marketplace Selling

Maximum exposure 24/7
Tap into large global audiences
Make use of established infrastructures and recognised brands
Find new, profitable channels to market your business to
Save money on traditional offline marketing
Measurable results

Available Marketplaces

Choose from a variety of Marketplaces such as eBay, the world's leading auction website with over 200 million users, Amazon Marketplace which offers users a huge choice of products and sellers from around the World, and you can join the Facebook Shop revolution and sell your products through this hugely popular social network.

  • eBay

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    eBay currently has over 200 million users worldwide and leads the way in online auctioning. eBay is all about customer choice and through simple integration, you can ensure your products are showing alongside the vast range of other DVDs, car parts and gadgets out there. eBay operates a buyer and seller feedback system so you can build up your reputation as a reputable online seller.

  • Amazon Marketplace

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    Amazon Marketplace

    Sell online with Amazon Marketplace. Amazon offers customers around the world a huge choice of products and sellers, with goods that are new, used, refurbished and collectable. Integration is easy and if you sell items that are already available on their site, you can become one of their alternative sellers.

Personalised Products

Have your customers ever requested a customised t-shirt or product that you sell? If so, this new feature will help you facilitate their requests, because now you can add personalied products to your shop!

People enjoy creating unique products - something only they will have. With our Platinum package you can offer that special, individual touch and they can enjoy creating bespoke products.

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